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Renters insurance can help protect your furniture and personal belongings. In general, a landlord's insurance policy will only cover the actual building; it will not cover your personal effects within the apartment.

Benefits of Renters Insurance include:

Liability Protection - if someone should happen to fall and injure themselves in your apartment then your policy would protect you for liability (up to your policy's stated limit) in the event you were sued.

"Additional living expenses" - Your policy will also help cover these costs in the event your apartment becomes uninhabitable e.g. due to fire. This means the insurance company will help pay for you to live somewhere else while your own apartment is being repaired or rebuilt.

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Ensure your peace of mind by protecting your personal belongings, both on and off premises, with top-rated and low cost PA renters coverage.
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More on Pennsylvania Renters Insurance

Actual Cash Value or Replacement Value?
When purchasing a renters insurance policy it is important to distinguish between whether the policy pays out an actual cash value or a replacement value. So what is the difference and why is it important to you?
Actual Cash Value (ACV)
An actual cash value policy will only pay what the item is worth based on its value at the time it was lost, damaged or stolen. For example, if you bought a new sofa worth $1000 for your apartment a few years ago, it may be only worth $250 today and this is the amount the insurance company would reimburse you (minus your deductible).
Replacement Value
A replacement value renters insurance policy will reimburse you the amount needed to replace the item today. Using our sofa example above, while it cost you $1000 to purchase it five years ago it may cost you $1400 to buy the exact same sofa today. A replacement value policy would pay you what it cost you to buy a new similar sofa (minus your deductible) in the event you made a claim and the sofa needed to be replaced.
Make sure to ask if your renters insurance policy is based on Replacement Value.
Please note that additional coverage for items such as jewelry, fine arts or collectibles is available. Submit a free no-obligation quote request using the form above and a Pennsylvania insurance professional will be happy to discuss additional insurance coverage and provide advice best suited to your particular situation. - From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh ....
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